Difference between UE4 Standard and UE4+

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Im working on a UE4 4.26.1 project.
Ive noticed that you offer downloads under two categories, UE4 Standard and UE4+. I cant seem to find any info on what the difference is. Would you guys be able to shed some light?


As part of UE4.25, the Unreal Engine was split into two different branches: “4.25” and “4.25-Plus.” If you’re using this version, you need to find out whether you’re using the standard or plus branch of UE4, and use the version of the FMOD Studio integration that matches that branch.

As of the time of writing (March of 2021), Epic has not released a detailed list of differences between the two branches, but they do “recommend that everyone use the 4.25 branch unless you have been specifically advised by Epic to use 4.25-Plus for your title,” and mentioned that the Plus branch includes platform-specific functionality for certain new consoles.

4.25 Plus is a special branch of UE4 that had the Unreal features from 4.25 alongside evolving support for PS5 and XSX. You only need to worry about 4.25 Plus if you are targeting the new consoles, otherwise stick with 4.25.

4.26 brings everything back into line again, currently there is no 4.26 Plus and to avoid confusion we hope it stays that way.

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Thanks for the explanation Matt! Cheers.