UE4.25.3 does not work with Fmod integration

I tried with 4.25.2 and with 4.25.3 UE the same thing happens.

When put in plugins the fmod integration fmodstudio20103ue4.25mac then the UE4 can load a project bu then when I build on Fmod studio I can not see any file in the contenct->fmod->desktop. Nonetheless I see that fmod has exported the master bank in the right directory.

When I put the fmodstudio20103ue4.25+mac then I load UE4 and on 75% through an error and says modules missing or build with different engine version:

Fmod studio
Fmodstidio editor

Engine modules cannot be compiles at runtime
Please build your IDE.

Currently my system is
Mac OS 10.14.6
FMod 2.01.03
with integration fmodstudio20103ue4.25mac

I am struggling as the newest update of integration does not let the UE to load at all whilst the other the theoretically lower version works but I can not see the files and banks in UE after building them in Fmod Studio.

Any ideas ?

I’ve reported this as well. Firelight did get back to me and told me that they can’t reproduce the problem. So far, I’ve experienced it on two different computers — one is a Windows 10 PC, and the other is a MacBook Pro running Catalina.

I’ve installed the integration to the engine the same way I always have, and the editor can’t load. It does give a brief message about FMOD when it crashes, but I don’t remember the syntax verbatim. It’s a short, unhelpful message that pops up and then the editor shuts down.

Can you make sure there isn’t a mix-up between “+” and non “+” versions as detailed here:

I don’t think so. I’ve been very meticulous about reading the documentation. I know that I’m using an incremental update to UE4.25, so I’m using the 4.25+ integration.

It sounds like you actually might be mixing them up. The 4.25+ version is a completely separate (incompatible) branch of UE4, it might make sense to think of this like 4.25Plus or 4.25Alternate. This version in distinct and unrelated to 4.25. It will eventually have its own patches like 4.25Plus.1, 4.25Plus.2.

When you see patches for 4.25 like 4.25.1, 4.25.2, etc, these all relate to the 4.25 major version and not 4.25+.

I understand this naming is a very poor choice by Epic, especially considering they don’t discuss it much publicly since it’s intended for developers targeting next-gen consoles. If you are using one of the incremental updates to 4.25, i.e. 4.25.2, please use our 4.25 integration and not 4.25+.

Ah, that’s very helpful. Thank you. I’ll try it this weekend. :+1:

So in Mac 10.14.6 with UE4.25.3 What Fmod integration I have to download and install?

You would download the Mac UE4 4.25 integration.

That was indeed the problem. Thank you!

Ben Blau

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Sorry for the late reply.

Even though I got the correct integration package, and now that my events are indeed loading into Unreal, I can see them, and can even open the assets and play them. But when I try to use them, they are silent. I have no clue as to what’s going on. I used to have no problems with FMOD and Unreal.

I think this issue has ended up split across two topics, can we continue the thread in the topic Sometimes events just don't play