UE 4.22 Integration and GitHub


Hi, when can 4.22 support be expected? And is the GitHub still considered a good place to get the latest UE4 Integration?



We normally try to release the integration as soon after the Engine version is released as we can.

The Github repo is only really used for pushing out urgent fixes between official releases. There aren’t any extra files or source code that you won’t get in the regular download, and the libs aren’t stored on the Github repo either.


UE 4.22 was released :grin:

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Trust us, we look forward to it as well.



Is it possible to have any estimation, even very rough (e.g. “few days” vs “few monthes”?)


BTW it seems there is a minor change for the new 2.0 plugin.
Here is the change I made to make it work with UE4.22:

  • take the plugin 2.00.00 for UE 4.21 (not the one from the github! you should download the archive from the Downloads page)
  • change this 2 lines:
  • it should compile with UE 4.22 now. At least for Windows.

For me it’s working in my project, though I didn’t checked any complex things – just an events playback and parameters changes from the blueprints.


Currently that appears to be the changes required, although still testing all platforms to make sure.
We should have the UE4.22 integration available by early next week at the latest.


I am eagerly awaiting the same as well.


Great! Looking forward to using v 4.22. Which version of the PS4 SDK will it support?


UE4.22 integration is now live on our downloads page!

It supports PS4 SDK 6.008, as that is the default for UE4.22. If you require a different version, please contact support@fmod.com.

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