Differences between FMod Studio and FMod Designer files...

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Aside from the gui format an interface improvements/changes in FMod Studio, what differences are there in the FILES the Studio and Designer use and creates?

I want to use FMod Studio in CryENGINE3, but there are those who say that FMod Studio cannot be used in CryENGINE3 because FMod Studio use ‘.bank’ files and not ‘.FSB’ files that CryENGINE3 expects.

Could this be a simple matter of changing the extension or are there fundamental differences between ‘.bank’ file and ‘.FSB’ files?

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Hi Dave,

The FMOD Studio tool and it’s runtime library are a complete rewrite from FMOD Designer. Their respective files are totally incompatible.

There is no integration of FMOD Studio into CryENGINE3 available at this time.

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Thanks for the reply NW.

FMod Studio seems FAR more intuitive to me, coming from the Pro Audio/DAW background of a theatrical Sound Designer.

Is FMod Studio seen as a succeeding upgrade to FMod Designer or will Designer continue to be updated and supported concurrently with Studio?

Thanx for your help.


As you have guessed, FMOD Studio is a successor to FMOD Designer. We shall continue to provide support and bug fixes for FMOD Designer for the foreseeable future, as we recognise that not all users both want to change and can do so right away; However, we have ceased active development of new Designer features in order to better concentrate on improving Studio.

Incidentally, our new Q&A format isn’t great for follow-up questions, as the voting system means that posts on a question thread rarely appear in the same order in which they were posted. Asking a new question avoids confusion, and increases its visibility to those who might know an answer to it.

Thanks for the help and the clarifications,JH!

Hi,If studio have some functions of designer like :3D Pan Level/3D Speaker Spread/Surround Pan/Speaker Level/Spawn Intensity Randomization .e.g. I’m very confuse

I’m afraid I don’t understand your question.

FMODStudio 有没有 FMODDesigner的全部功能?像3D Pan Level/3D Speaker Spread/Surround Pan/Speaker Level/Spawn Intensity Randomization 这些designer有的功能,在studio中有没有?