Why can't FMOD be more like DAW?

Hi guys, I am a game sound artist & game audio designer. I always want to do all the sound original samples design directly on FMOD.So I can quickly build the bank into my unity project and run the game with my scripts.
But, there is a big problem, when I design the sound sample, I will use a lot of DSP plugins resulted my unity project CPU explosion.
Why can’t freeze some tracks or audio clips?
As a game sound designer, the workflow I want is to implement my ideas quickly. FMOD does a good job, but it’s not good enough.

A tool specialized in a task will always be better at that task than a tool specialized in something else.

Currently, FMOD Studio and DAWs are complementary: FMOD Studio is specialized in adaptive audio, while DAWs are specialized in linear audio. This means that a sound designer can use a product specialized in linear audio to create the source audio assets for their game, then another product specialized in adaptive audio to create the dynamic behavior of sounds for their game.

If we did hypothetically add more linear audio editing features to FMOD Studio, it would give sound designers the option of creating their source audio assets in a product that isn’t specialized in linear audio editing and so isn’t as good at it. That does not seem like an improvement.

We want to make you better at your job, not worse. That is why we don’t add more linear audio editing features to FMOD Studio.

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thank you for your reply, Sir:

The threshold of game production is decreasing year by year, and there will be many designers with multiple skills. The integration of platforms is an inevitable trend, and no one is willing to deal with several software all day long and waste time in the transfer of assets.

For designers, inspiration is fleeting, and we urgently need to implement ideas quickly in games(unity or unreal), not in DAW with the video recording by the game. Because even if I made a perfect sound in DAW, it might not be appropriate in the game.

So I had to spend a lot of time verifying the sound effects, so I

switching back and forth between the game engine, game middleware, DAW, and screen recording software so that the inspiration and enthusiasm for sound would be exhausted.

I really hope that FMOD can freeze the DSP effects or render it in advance before entering the bank, and also add some frequency shifting effects. I really like FMOD.

This point is well-taken. We will try to come up with ways of reducing the amount of time required to iterate on sound design while using FMOD Studio.

FMOD’s effects are optimized for real-time audio processing. This means that they occasionally need to sacrifice quality for the sake of performance. If we wanted to support producing linear audio content as good as that which can be made in DAWs, we would need to create a version of each of our effects that sacrifices performance for quality. Duplicating all of our existing effects in this fashion would take a vast amount of developer time and effort, in order to provide a minor workflow benefit. We believe our time and effort would be more efficiently spent on expanding the number of things that only FMOD Studio can do and that FMOD Studio can do better than other products, because those are the reasons why you use FMOD Studio.

Incidentally, there are already multiple ways to adjust the frequency of sounds in FMOD Studio, including the time-invariant Pitch Shifter effect. If you have any questions about these features, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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