Different occlusion parameters for different UE5 trace channels

Hello dear developers!
I have a question about occlusion options. Is it possible to add multiple occlusion parameters to fmod for different trace channels in UE? In order for the sound source located behind the wall with one specific mesh and physical material and the mesh to be occluded by the second parameter, and behind the wall with another mesh and physical material - through another occlusion parameter in fmod?
Now in my project, the sound source is occluded in the same way, whether it is a thick metal wall or a thin wooden wall. Thank you!

Yes, though it will require more effort to set up than just using a single trace channel.

When you’re designing your FMOD events, you’ll need to give each event that can be occluded by multiple different things multiple occlusion parameters instead of one; for example, “occlusion by metal” and “occlusion by wood.”

Then, in Unreal, you’d need to make sure both occlusion parameters were updated. One of them could be updated using the Unreal integration’s built-in occlusion parameter settings; the second and subsequent occlusion parameters would need custom blueprints in which you hook a set parameter component to the relevant trace channel and the tick (update) function to ensure the parameter’s value is adjusted every update.

Thank you very much!