Help - Occlusion Gates/Portals in UE4 using FMOD

Does anyone have experience creating occlusion gates in Unreal Engine using FMOD? I want audio within a building to be heard through open doors/windows even when there is no line of sight between the player character and the audio source. I have occlusion setup and working fine, just struggling with the gate and I’m currently going around in circles creating trace blueprints with no results.

Thank you

The best way I can think of would be to fake it by triggering a snapshot, or maybe using command instruments to temporarily override the occlusion parameter value when the player walks past an open window/door. The latter option might mess with the automatic occlusion behaviour afterwards though, so it would probably be better to create a separate parameter for this so you aren’t directly overriding the attenuation parameter.
Otherwise blending snapshots will probably be easier to setup and won’t intefere with the existing occlusion setup.

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Cheers @jeff_fmod, I’ll give both suggestions a go