Discrepancies in HTML5 fmod studio builds of 1.10.01 vs 1.10.08/09 (maybe others)

Hi, I’m trying to update fmod in my game and hitting weird problems.
My game has everything in one bank, and doesn’t seem to be doing anything controversial :slight_smile:
I do use pitch shifter and some other dsp’s, so guess reduced version shouldn’t be working.

  1. I’m using fmod.bc and fmodstudio.bc from 1.10.01, and everything seem to work just fine.

  2. I’m trying to use fmodstudioL.bc (logging build) from 1.10.08/1.10.09, and everything seem to work just fine.

  3. I’m trying to use fmodstudio.bc from 1.10.08/1.10.09 and it just returns an error “A requested output, dsp unit type or codec was not available.” on FMOD_Studio_System_LoadBankFile

I have a gut feeling that fmodstudio.bc is linked to fmod_reduced.bc instead of full fmod.bc, but can be wrong :slight_smile: I guess as a work around I can still use 1.10.01 for HTML5 and updated versions for everything else.

PS. Just noticed that all docs (1.10.01+) mention that I only need to link with fmod.bc or fmodstudio.bc and not both. My build with 1.10.01 only worked if I link with both of them :confused:

PS2. Might it be somehow related to me trying to use emscripten sdk-1.38.13-64bit, while fmod libs were compiled with sdk-1.37.3 (at least docs say that). I don’t know how backward compatible llvm bytecode is in emscripten.

The behavior is correct. By default fmodstudio.bc uses the reduced build. To use the full feature set you have to use fmodstudioL.bc

It does seem that the HTML guide does not mention this, apologies for that I’ll get it rectified.

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@brett, thanks for confirming this!

Is it possible to provide fmodstudio(L).bc separated from fmod(L/reduced).bc? Aka same way as on non-web platforms. I think that would be a bit more clear than current setup.

there was a technical reason for joining the 2 together, i think it was more to do with not being able to have 2 standalone emscripten JS files that reference each other, and the bc side of it was just to be consistent with that.

I’ve updated the docs now so http://fmod.com/resources/documentation-api?page=content/generated/platform_js/basics.html#/ spells it out a bit better