No libfmodstudiounityplugin.bc file in my Unity project

Hey people. I’m working on a little game for html5. It’s working great inside Unity, but now I want to start taking care of the WebGL build and I’m looking into FMOD’s documentation about it. First thing I noticed is that it says:

"The first thing to check, is that in your project, the libfmodstudiounityplugin.bc file is located in the “\Assets\Plugins\FMOD\lib\html5” Folder of your project. "

Well, I just did that and realized that there is no “lib” folder inside the FMOD folder in my project. The documentation explains nothing about how you are actually supposed to get this plugin and Google hasn’t been useful so far. How should I get that file? I am running Fmod 2.02.04 and Unity 2020.3.2f1

Thanks in advance!

no plugin fmod

Thank you fo flagging, looks like that advice is outdated. I’ll make a task to update it, here is what’s changed for your interest:

  • From 2.02 the lib folder moved from “\Assets\Plugins\FMOD\lib\html5” to “\Assets\Plugins\FMOD\platforms\html5\lib\<emscripten build version>”.
  • The libs are now called libfmodstudio.a and libfmodstudioL.a, both of which should be packaged with the integration.
  • There are no longer any additional installation requirements for WebGL in 2.02, you should just be able to switch platform and build.

The main concerns for WebGL are just that banks are loaded asynchronously and that you will need user interaction before sounds can start playing.

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