Does FMOD for unity plugin (WebGL/html platform) support most of features comparing other platform?

As the title says, what features are not supported on the WebGL platform? I didn’t find a detailed comparison in the official documentation. Thanks?


For WebGL platform, currently there’s one known issue that you will not be able to hear sounds created by system.creatSound (FMOD Engine | 7. Core API Reference | System | System::createSound) from the WebGl platform, such as programmer sounds (FMOD Studio | 19. Instrument Reference | 19.6 Programmer Instrument).

Unfortunately we don’t have a workaround for it at this time, we are working to resolve the issue. Apart from that, FMOD for Unity plugin supports most of the features compared to other platforms.

For more information about the limitation of WebGL/HTML5 platform, we have documentation about it here: FMOD Engine | 4. Platform Details | HTML5 | Limitations

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any more questions or run into any issues.

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We have some updates for using programmer sound in WebGL/HTML5 platform, if you are interested, please feel free to have a look at this post: Programmer Instrument with Unity WebGL not loading dialogue - #2 by li_fmod