Unity WebGL Support

As I understand Unity targeting WebGL as their future perspective platform. And there are already many porjects in development for it.

Just wanted to ask, are there any plans to add Fmod Studio support for WebGL?

WebGL is a graphics library. Do you mean JavaScript in general?

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Um, I am not a programmer, but I was talking about the platform support in Unity in general. WebGL not Web player.

I did not find any mention in Fmod documenation about WebGL. I also tried to build a project with simple Fmod integration for this platform but when I was trying to switch to WebGL from PC I received this error: FMOD Studio: copy banks for platform WebGL : Unsupported platform

I was using Unity 2.0 integration, Unity 5 and Fmod 1.07

And so I presumed that Studio cannot work on it at the moment :slight_smile:

Hi ,
WebGL is nothing to do with sound (it just does graphics), but I guess you mean a JS version of FMOD. Its not there yet but we have a working prototype of FMOD for JS, we may release this in 1.09.


Thanks for the answer Brett!
I was using this term just because Unity is using it as a platform name.
And this is so great that you are working in this direction!

I would also like tihs.

Cool! Can I get it? Could use it now for testing purposes :slight_smile: