Dolby Atmos FMOD Integration

HI, I am looking to understand if it is possible to :slight_smile:

  • Run Unity with FMOD
  • Using 7.1.4 Content, and Spatialiser for Objects
  • Output to Dolby Audio Bridge
  • Having Sound feeding Dolby Atmos Renderer

Is this possible, or only Windows Sonic allows this?

Can then project be built with Dolby Atmos renders?


You are correct, it will only work with Windows Sonic. We have some documentation outlining the requirements here: FMOD Studio | Advanced Topics - Auditioning Object Spatialization and Height Panning.

There is another forum about working with Unity and 7.1.4 here: Dolby Atmos output to home theatre from Unity. Hopefully, it will have some useful information.

Hope this helps!

Thank you Connor.
So what would be the best way to work on a MAC?

I am using multichannel files and working mainly in 7.1.4 in FMOD with UNITY

When the banks are created, is Unity playing back sound in 7.1.4 I would assume or just 7.1 (depending on my system). As unity Audio defaults in Project Settings do not list 7.1.4.

My idea was to use a binaural standalone (Virtuoso) that can collect 7.1.4 audio streams and convert it for headphones.

Do you think that would work if I system output (the one that UNITY defaults to) to blackhole or similar to manage the routing and then playing the binaural version of the 7.1.4 from FMOD, or will FMOD-UNITY produce already a binaural version, or will it be just stereo?

If you can shed some light into this, I’d appreciate very much

I ran the test and while FMOD directly outputs to 7.1.4, when sounds are pushed as bank and then played from UNITY no 7.1.4 is played. I tested with virtual sound card, but the metering doesn’t show the use of 7.1.4

So my question is: what happens to FMOD output channel settings when exported into unity bank?

What version of the FMOD integration are you using?

Could I please get a screenshot of your Platform Specific settings in Unity:

Can you elaborate on the desired out come for this workflow?

Please ensure your build options are set to 7.1 in your preferences:

The events out is set to 7.1.4
And the master bus in and out are set to 7.1.4

One of these settings may be missing downmixing the output when building the banks.

Let me know if this helps!

Hi Connor, thanks for your patient and clear reply.

In Unity Project Settings is the only place I could find something about audio and it is as follows:

Where are the Platform specific settings? I have no clue where did you find those. In my Build settings, no audio is listed, in my project settings, audio reaches 7.1 sure max.

To elaborate: the idea was to be able to use Dolby Atmos and/or Virtuoso binaural standalone, to play the game/installation directly to users out of my system in 3D audio.
It turns out that is so computational expensive that is not worth it as everything will lag and create glitches.

So after looking around I found Atmoky ( which seems a plugin that takes care of this and of binaural rendering, although I am still testing it, it seems promising

Still I don’t know how Unity deals with multichannel output audio, is there anywhere you could point me to , to understand that better, please?

Thank you for the information. Apologies, I could have been more clear.

All of these settings are in FMOD Studio. The Project Platform Preferences can be accessed through the Edit drop-down menu on Windows:

The event mixing can be found here:

Unfortunately, I am unaware of any Unity-specific documentation for how they deal with their audio. However, I can link you to some of our documentation that will hopefully clear some things up:

Hopefully this will have some useful information.