Atmos in UE4?

Was wondering if FMOD allowed using ATMOS in UE4? Wanted to be able to have 10 audio channels…is that possible with FMOD and UE4? Right now it seems like UE4 by itself only supports up to 7.1…


As mentioned in our Spatial Audio docs:

The most traditional way to approach spatialization is by panning signal into virtual speakers, so with the introduction of 7.1.4 (7 horizontal plane speakers, 1 sub-woofer, 4 roof speakers) you can do just this.

Set your FMOD::System to the appropriate speaker mode by calling System::setSoftwareFormat(0, FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_7POINT1POINT4, 0).
Select an output mode capable of rendering 7.1.4 content System::setOutput(FMOD_OUTPUTTYPE_WINSONIC).

Currently you will have to manually do this in the integration code, in FFMODStudioModule::CreateStudioSystem as there aren’t any options in the integration for this.

I have added this as a task to add options in the editor settings for this, for a future release.