Doppler effect FMODUnity Integration not working

We do support doppler on 2D objects, you just need to set the object’s position using rigidbody velocity instead of animations or transforms, which is the same for 3D objects.
I do see the value in having it based on transform though as it would mean doppler would work for animations / the Unity timeline etc. I have bumped the feature request and created a documentation task to provide an example of how to implement doppler using rigidbody.

For anyone finding this in the future, I adapted @GeoffAngus implementation to a more up to date version of Unity and Fmod and I also changed the logic of how it works a bit. In my version, you can set each emitter to use kinematic velocity, regardless of having a rigidbody.

See my blog post about it, there is also a link to the GitHub project: Using Fmod Doppler on Unity without a rigidbody — Javier Zúmer - Sound Design