Doppler UE how to

Hello. I am using UE 4.2.7 with fmod. I’m new to Unreal with most of my experience in Unity, however it’s my first time setting up Doppler with either.

My understanding is Doppler needs position and velocity in FMOD_3D_ATTRIBUTES for the object and the player, and this can’t be done in blueprints, will need some kind of of C++ component.

Do I have that right? Is there a guide for somebody with limited programming knowledge either by Fmod or third party?

Thanks so much


If you use an FMODAudioCompoent, you do not have to set the attributes manually. Just ensure the objects are being moved with force and you should be able to hear the doppler.

  1. Create an event with Doppler enabled in Studio:
  2. Add an object to the map:
  3. Add an FMODAudioComponent to the object:
  4. Add some force to the top object

You should now be able to hear the Doppler effect. Hope this helps!

Thank you. I realise the object is moving but without force =)

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