Unreal engine 4 doppler

Hi I am working on custom vehicle in UE4 , and using fmod for engine sound,
I am trying to get doppler effect when car passing by, but I can’t make it work, can someone help me please ?


The latest version (1.10.03) has a fix for the velocity of FMODAudioComponents, which will fix the doppler previously not working correctly. What version are you using?

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With 1.10.03 it’s working, thank you for suggestion

Ok , thx for response.
I am using 1.10.00, so I’ll gonna try 1.10.03 so hopefully will work

Hi , to not open new, I will try to get answer from this my old Thread.

I having no problem to hear doppler on my simulated vehicle, but i like to have it on my vehicles that are not simulation , they are kinematic prerecorded position and rotation that I than Playback, like replay.
The volume on that my kinematic vehicles change according to distance from listener but not doppler.

So is there way I can tell to FMOD kinematic velocity ,which I calculating manually ?

current I am using UE4 version 4.17 and FMOD version is 1.10.10

Thx in advance

Hi Miro,

You can manually pass the velocity of a event instance using EventInstance::set3DAttributes.



Hi, thx Richard for suggestion, but i didn’t manage to work, did you actually had similar problem and manage to work ?Objects that have FMOD sound and than transformed around simply not producing doppler effect,I only geting it on my pawn vehicle .
It’s strange because change in volume is happening, and if i use standard audio component on the same objects I hear doppler ,standard sound is aware of moving ,velocity ,direction , FMOD, is not , I wonder why it is not work ?

Hi Miro,

It’s not possible to adjust the velocity of an event instance through Blueprints, only through code.


Ok, I manage doppler to work, without need to mess in code, I do it in blueprint only, my mistake was , I was set my manual calculation of velocity in pawn class, and that didn’t work, but i than set it in my replay game mode class, than it worked.
thanks Richard for try to help me anyway