Doppler Effect

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I try to search in fmod studio manual how i can activated doppler effect on event but no info found about this. Could you please confirm if i can do in Fmod Studio ?

Thank by advance !

i create a sound with some 3D efffects such as Distance, Direction and Elevation, do i hear doppler effect when i turn Distance control in FMOD Studio?

Same problem here!
Is it any info about how to implement a Doppler effect using FMOD Studio? :roll:

Are you talking about scaling it? Its currently automatic based on how fast the listener and the object is moving in the game at runtime.

Same problem : I can’t have any doppler effect, even when set at 500% !

For doppler to function you need to enable it in FMOD Studio for a particular event. At runtime you need to use EventInstance::set3DAttributes and ensure you specify a velocity. The default expected units are meters / meters per second.

Indeed that seems to be required, but where do you turn on Doppler in FMod Studio for an event? It seems you must do it in FMod Studio rather than runtime (I too have no Doppler for events, while they work with low-level sounds).

The doppler switch is in the event macros tab for each event, it allows you to turn it on or off.

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How would one go about creating the assets for this?

For passing cars, is just a normal engine sound enough, with the doppler effect doing the rest?

Or are approaching / retreating assets also necessary?

Our Doppler effect is designed to work without requiring separate approaching/retreating assets, but is designed to produce realistic results. If you want an exaggerated Doppler effect, or for the sound of passing traffic to have additional quirks beyond that of simple Doppler, you will need to use other methods.

Great, thanks joseph!