Drag and drop multiple assets to timeline sequentially

Currently if i select a bunch of assets, and drag it to the timeline, it automatically creates a Multi instrument. Which is fine if you want to do that.
But i’m building up songs with separated elements like
Drums (intro, verse, chorus, bridge)
Bass (intro, verse, chorus, bridge)
And it’s incredibly tedious to drag all the assets one by one to the timeline.

Is there an option to put dropped assets sequentially onto the timeline? That would help a LOT!
Like in Reaper when you drag multiple files to the timeline, it asks you how would you like to drop them. Sequentialy, or to create a new track for each asset.

A toggle option for this in the options should be fine


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If you drag a multiselection of asset onto the events browser, you’ll be given the option of creating an event where each asset is on a different track, but there’s currently no way to automatically spread a dragged multiselection of assets out along the timeline.

I can see how it would be useful, though, so I’ll add your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.

I should mention that you can make a multi instrument to play a series of assets in sequence by setting its playlist selection mode to “sequential - local” and setting its play count to the number of entries in its playlist. This method is incompatible with certain forms of timeline logic and other event content, but is an easy way of achieving the behavior in many common cases.


Hi there @joseph . Just to say that this feature is a must have IMO. I think it’s the operation for which I lose the most time. Thanks!