Multiple sounds from bank into multitrack?

Hello, I’m quite new to fmod so this might be a very simple issue.
I currently have multiple sounds that I want to assign to an animal in a game I am working on. I found that using a multitrack fits best for randomizing these tracks, however, they have varying lenghts and multitrack doesn’t allow me to properly apply fade-ins and fade-outs individually.
My next attempt was to create multiple individual events (in which I could apply fade ins and outs), assign them to my bank, select those tracks and drag them into a 3d-event, and thought I would be able to create a multi-track from that, but it doesn’t seem to work aswell?
Is there an obvious way to fix this and did I just not notice? Or should I manually add fade ins and outs outside of FMOD?

That’s the right way to go (though you should have done something incorrectly). You have to grab your events from the browser tab and drop them into the multi playlist in the deck tab, one by one:

The other way is to create the multi first, then create event instruments inside.
You don’t have to assign those children events to the bank, since you will assign the parent event.

By the way, @joseph, isn’t there missing the option to “Convert to Nested Event” inside a multi playlist, as it is when the event instruments are directly in the timeline?

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This fixed my issue! I was trying to select all of them in the events tab, then dragging them directly into the timeline, I did not know I could drag them into the deck tab.
Thank you very much!

Having a “convert to nested event” command for referenced event instruments in playlists is a good idea. I’ve added it to our feature/improvement tracker. Thanks for the suggestion!