DSP metering - Head or Tail?


A quick question, (which i’m sure the answer to which is somewhere in the docs)…

If I want to get the final output volume levels of a channel, do I setMeteringEnabled on the Head or Tail of the DSP chain?

Thanks in advance,

OK. So it looks like CHANNELCONTROL_DSP_INDEX.HEAD gives you the output end of the DSP chain, and CHANNELCONTROL_DSP_INDEX.TAIL gives you the input end.

For example:
Tail = the sound source (e.g a .wav file)
Head = values sent out to the speakers.

So in my case, where I’m upmixing a mono sound to 7.1, I have 3 DSP’s with indices 0, 1 and 2

DSP 0: 8 input channels, 8 output channels = HEAD
DSP 1: 1 input channel, 8 output channels
DSP 2: 1 input channel, 1 output channel = TAIL


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