FMOD_DSP_METERING_INFO from a DSP on a 3D SoundChannel

I’m reading the metering info from a DSP attached to a 3D positioned Channel, and the RMS is being affected by the 3D attenuation/panning. I’ve set the DSP index to 1 (and other >0 values), and this does not change that fact.

Based on this documentation,, I’m led to believe that 3D attenuation/panning for the Channel happens in the “Channel Fader” step. Is this true?

And in general, how would I get the metered info of the signal directly from the wavetable unit stage?

To meter the wavetable I would use

FMOD::DSP* tail;

and then use the input metering. A default channel will only have one DSP, so the Channel Fader is the head and tail. You’ll need the input metering to avoid the panning and attenuation affecting the signal.

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