DualSense vibrations coming out as sound during discord streaming on pc

Hello, we’re adding DualSense vibration support to our game on PC. We created two studio instances and are using “fmod_output_controller.dll.” Everything is working okay on PC, but when we stream in Discord, the game’s vibration is being transmitted as sound to others. How can we prevent that?

I have not been able to reproduce this issue. What version of Unity and FMOD are you using?

Hi, currently we are using unit 2022.3.13f1 at the moment and FMOD unity plugin version is 2.02.19

Still no luck unfortunately, would it be possible to get a minimal reproduction?
I think a Unity project with everything removed except your banks and a scene that plays the vibration event on a controller should be sufficient.
If you could please upload that to your FMOD Profile I will try reproducing it on my end.

Thanks Jeff, I’ll create a sample project and I’ll upload the my profile.

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