Wondering how to approach ducking audio with the FMOD Unity integration (e.g. ducking multiple events when certain other events are playing). I’ve seen a post discussing using User Properties but I’m not sure how to access properties from the API. Can anyone provide some sample code?


The user properties post was probably in reference to the old FMOD designer tool.

In studio the best options for ducking are either mixer snapshots or sidechain compression.

By adding a mixer snapshot to an event, you can trigger a change in the volume of other buses/VCA in the mix.

Both snapshots and sidechaining and covered in more detail in the studio manual.

Once you’ve set things up in the tool no extra code is required.

Thanks Nicholas,
Apologies I wasn’t specific enough in my explanation of what I’m trying to achieve. I have a scene with lots of people talking in separate small groups. My goal is to detect which group conversation the user is looking at and then duck all the other conversations. To do this, I imagine I need some control over the ducking via C#. My guess is the explanation of sidechaining in the manual is an automated effect that occurs when the event is fired. I can’t predict which events will be playing at any moment in time, so what I’d like to do is identify which events are playing in the conversation you are focused on and then get all the other events in the scene and duck them via script.


EventInstances have a setVolume() function you can use. You’ll have to keep track of instance objects in your own code.

I think the crux of the issue is how to keep track of the instances I want to duck…not sure of a good way…