[Feedback] FMOD 2.02.xx is horrible

I used FMOD Studio for several years now and after installation 2.02.14 I was shocked. After ages sitting on 2.01, .02 version is slow, wonky and janky. All sliders feel like having that “snap” function which is annoying as hell, all smooth experience is gone.
Biggest cherry on top is that editor slowing down due to memory leak(?), it’s not crashing but over the time selecting events become slower and slower until it takes more than 5 seconds to select one event. Volume curves, parameter sliders everything also affected by those slowdowns.

Going back to 2.01.xx is like absolute heaven, I will not recommend using 2.02.xx version, only in exceptional game breaking scenarios

Sorry to hear you are having such significant performance issues with 2.02.14. Would it be possible to get a copy of your FMOD Studio project for us to try reproducing this issue?
If you could please package your project with the “Assets” checkbox ticked, and upload it to your FMOD Profile, I expect we should be able to reproduce these issues in 2.02 and figure out how to improve performance.