End marker updates?


I was curious if there are any plans or new workarounds within recent releases which address playing a sound when an event is stopped.

Currently I’m aware that there exists the rather cryptic process of adding an End parameter and marker, adding transition region with destination to the End marker with the parameter as the trigger condition. In addition to that an envelope needs to be added to the parameter.

Could there simply be an audio track named End which plays when the event stops? We’re finding ourselves managing multiple ‘End’ parameters each with different release times.

Let me know!


At the time of writing (May of 2018), this feature has not yet been added to FMOD Studio.

That said, our feature/improvement tracker includes a number of features intended to expand and simplify the process of defining stopping behavior for an event, including the ability to add an “event is stopping” trigger condition to instruments. I’ve added your company to the list of users interested in these features.

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Great! Thanks Joseph.

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