Fade out after event stop?

I am trying to workaround the fact that once an event (containing scatterer etc) is stopped by the game engine, it abruptly ends its playback with a click. How can that be avoided? I want the audio (master track of that event) to fade out within 3 seconds after the event has been stopped by the game engine. Or am i missing something? the ADHSR did not seem to help me in that regard…

Thanks for any suggestions!

Where did you apply the AHDSR modulator? Clicking definitely shouldn’t be happening - Could you describe how you’re stopping the event?

Turns out the clicking could be solved by setting the parameter seek time to something non-zero. But still my remaining question is: can i use the ADHSR to have an event fadeout over a period of time after the event has been stopped by the game engine? If so how? I had it on the events master track (applied to volume) and when i clicked the stop button of that event in FMOD editor there was no fadeout… will it actually work in the game engine, just not in FMOD editor? ( i would expect the editor to have the ADHSR fading out after hitting stop as well if configured like that).

Am i using it wrong?


To audition the stop behaviour of an event in FMOD Studio, you have to click and hold the stop button until it starts to flash. (This should take about 500 milliseconds.) Just clicking the stop button only pauses the event, “stopping the playhead.”

We’re aware that this behaviour isn’t obvious, and have plans to make it more obvious and intuitive in future. In the meantime, recent versions of Studio explain the behaviour of the transport buttons in tooltips.

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the stop-preview function doesn’t work in 1.10.04. holding down stop doesn’t do anything, it just stops immediately. help?

To audition your event’s stopping behavior in FMOD Studio versions 1.10.00 and later, just click the stop button instead of holding it down.

Before that version, the stop button did double duty as a pause button, which is why there were two different ways of clicking it. In version 1.10.00, we added a separate pause button, and made clicking the stop button stop the event non-immediately instead of pausing it. Clicking the stop button twice (or holding it down) instead stops the event immediately.

I suspect that in most cases AHDSR is added in the audio itself not in the track. Must be added in the track for fade out to take effect.