Event not stopping when I press stop in FMOD or I use Event Instance Stop BP function in UE4

Hi. I have a problem which possibly has an easy answer.

I have an event that represents the music in my game (with diferent phases linked between with markers and transition conditions).

The thing is, when I press the stop button in FMOD or I try to stop the music in unreal using the “Event Instance Stop” Blueprint, nothing happens, and the event keeps running (it is marked as “Stopping”), which makes me sad.

Some of the tracks have reverb. I read that reverb causes the event not to stop immediately, but I do not know how to override this behavior. I’d like my event to keep the reverb and stop immediately independently of any reverb or event I’ve placed in.

Thanks in advance!

Reverb only causes the event to remain playing for a period based on the reverb effect’s “Reverb Time” property. If your events are never stopping at all, it must be caused by something other than your reverb effects.

Does any logic marker or instrument in your event have an event state trigger condition? “Event State (Stopping)” or “Event State (Not Stopping)?” If so, it is this condition that is keeping your event instance alive.

If an event features any event state trigger conditions, FMOD Studio assumes that the event is designed to perform some complex stopping behavior before reaching a natural end when it receives a stop command, and so does not stop the event instance until it reaches that natural end. Because of this, if your event features event state trigger conditions but is not designed to reach a natural end when it receives a stop command, it will continue going. Does this sound like what might be affecting your event?

Hi Joseph, can you define “natural end”? Like the end of an instrument region? I think I’ve hit a similar issue before and I’m wondering if this was the cause. Thanks!

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the quick answer.

I removed all Trigger Conditions and still does not work. Here is a picture of the project:

I have left the tracks with some reverbs (duration time of aprox 3-5 seconds), loops with conditions and many markers with transition conditions (all those conditions depending on a float parameter going from 0 to 100).

When I press stop it just continues looping forever :frowning:

As @joseph said, the most probable reason is that one of your objects in the event contains a trigger condition based on the stopping state, like this:
This could be on anything, any instrument, transition, loop… You may have missed one… This simple fact will make FMOD in the waiting of a custom ending you supposedly designed, that’s why it does not end the event naturally anymore.

A non-persistent event naturally ends when it is no longer outputting any signal and the timeline’s playback position is to the right of all content on the timeline. When an event naturally ends, it stops itself.

Persistent events don’t naturally end (which is why we call them “persistent”), but they can be stopped by a command from your game’s code or a command instrument.

If a non-persistent event contains an event state condition, FMOD assumes that you’ve designed the event such that when it recieves a stop command, it will reach a natural end after a while, at which point it will stop.

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