EQ sidechain

Hey, is it possible to eq sidechain in fmod studio? And by eq sidechain I mean ducking specific frequencies of sound A when sound B is going to overlap the first one. I couldnt find any specific document on this topic. and if it’s not possible, are you guys gonna add this feature to Studio? And if the answer is yes can I know when it’ll be? I’m finalizing a project and eq sidechaining is crucial to what I need. Thanks

None of the EQ effects currently present in FMOD Studio support sidechaining directly, but it is possible to obtain the behavior you describe by using a workaround.

The multiband EQ effect can be automated. This means you can add a sidechain modulator to the parameter used to automate the effect.

Support for more direct sidechaining of compressors is on our to-do list, but has not yet been scheduled for development. It is therefore unlikely to be released in time to be included in your project.

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当SFX触发sidechain降低music的音量的同时,被3EQ过的new return在播放,当music正常播放时,触发sidechain去降低new return的音量。
1,创建一条new return,顺序从左到右添加
2,给music grp添加,顺序从左到右
send(new return)-compressor(sidechain on SFX)-fader-siderchain(send to new return)
3,SFX,sidechain(send to music)

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I have the same problem with you, but I found the way to solve it.
There are 2 Grp in mixer
A SFX (which contains thousands of event, it’s impossible to create snapshots every one, too inefficient).
Another MUSIC is the EQ SIDECHAIN that needs to be played on the SFX playback

This is the way of thinking.
When SFX triggers sidechain to reduce the volume of music, it is played by 3EQ new return. When music is playing normally, it triggers sidechain to reduce the volume of new return.

1, create a new return to add an effector from left to right
3EQ-fader-compressor (input=Music)
2, music GRP, add an effector from left to right
Send (new return) -compressor (sidechain on SFX) -fader-siderchain (send to new return)
3, SFX, sidechain (send to music)

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Maybe you need limiter on music and new return to control the volume

Hey guys,
Has this issue been addressed recently? Hunting around none of the options seem to really work. Is there a better method now (with v 10.10.x)?


The method of automating a multiband EQ effect really works.

As of the time of writing (July of 2018), we have not yet implemented any new features that would allow a sidechain modulator to be placed directly on an EQ modulator.

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Hey Joe! Ok, this helps (it really works); thanks for the clarification!!!

Ack, this might have come off sarcastically - that’s wasn’t the intention. I had read about the multiband EQ parameter automating but wasn’t confident that it would work. Also, there may be another solution that you are (via PM) providing, so I might elaborate on what I needed to do here to help, etc. Thanks, Joe!

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