ERR_HEADER_MISMATCH when compiling in Unity 2019.3 for Linux

Hello! First post here, so pardon if I’ve messed something up.

We’re currently using FMOD 1.10.14’s Unity integration package, which is working fine for standalone Windows and Mac builds so far. However, when we build and test on Ubuntu it returns the header mismatch error.

This was working fine on a fairly out of date Unity version (2018.2 or so), but it seems like something has changed in the recent 2019 updates that is causing issues during build.

Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? Or would anyone know of a decent way to track down what is causing the problem? We’ve taken a look to see if there were any serious updates to Unity’s build defines, but it doesn’t appear that there’s anything that should be causing the error we’re getting.

Thanks in advance if anyone is able to help! I’ve got a log from Unity as well that gives more detailed info on the machine and such, but the error itself is fairly generic and non-useful.

I’m going to quickly test this with just an empty project with an event emitter, but previously when I had attempted to do that I still would get the ERR_HEADER_MISMATCH even on a fresh dummy project.

Currently we’re running 2019.3.0a6, but I’m going to try the latest stable 2019.1 build as well and see if that solves any problems.

The FMOD Unity Integration is currently only compatible with stable Unity releases.

Are you still having the issue after using 2019.1?

Terribly sorry for the delay @cameron-fmod! I figured that the biggest issue was the unstable build.

It appears that there are no issues with the stable builds of Unity at the time. We downgraded the Unity version for the Linux build and there was no issues.

I wonder if Unity screwed something up with build definitions for Linux in the unstable Unity versions. I know I saw some weird changes in those at some point.

Anyways, thanks for the official response!

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