Unity 2019.1.12 updating project to FMOD2 error ERR_HEADER_MISMATCH


I’ve tried updating our Unity2019.1.12 project from using FMOD 1.10.08 to FMOD 2.00.06 and after I fixed some bugs (getParameterValue and setParameterValue only), I get this error:

FMOD Studio: Encounterd Error: ERR_HEADER_MISMATCH There is a version mismatch between the FMOD header and either the FMOD Studio library or the FMOD Low Level library.

Prior to upgrading Unity, I’ve opened the old FMOD1 project in FMOD2 Studio, built it and saved.

Thanks for any help,

I deleted a lot of things and re-imported, it all seems to be working now. I don’t know what did it :smiley:

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