Error: Bus not found

Hi FMOD support,

I have an FMOD project, with two banks and two events. Each event is assigned to a bank. I haven’t touched the mixers or routing, so I only have the default “reverb” return track and the main mixer.

When I load the second event in my code, I get:

FMOD: BusInstanceFactory::create     : Bus not found, this could indicate the requested asset depends on a bus inside a bank which is not currently loaded.
Assertion failed: (FMODAssertPassed), function create, file /Users/raymond/jenkins/workspace/Build__1.1__API_iOS/studio_api/platforms/ios/../../src/fmod_playback_bus.cpp, line 1172.

How do I solve this? I can’t assign channels/mixers/inputs/outputs to banks? I also can’t assign audio-files from the bin to a bank. I am guessing this (should) happen automatically?

All the buses from the main mixer are automatically added to the master bank, so you need to load “Master” as well as your event’s bank.

Yes, audio files are automatically added to the same bank as the event which uses them. If more than one event uses an audio file, and the events are added to different banks, the audio file will be added to both banks, but will only be loaded into memory once.

Thanks for your reply!

So I guess best practice is to have no events in the master bank (or only events that are used throughout the game, such as menu clicks), and then have a additional bank for each “level”?

Yes, that is a good bank layout to use.