ERROR: Unable to load DLL: "fmodL.dll" Status: 0xc0000135 When deploying on XSX

When I cook and package my game with FMOD I get no errors but when I deploy it I get Loading DLL fmod.dll failed with status 0xc0000135 error

I belive that i correctly installed all needed FMOD extensions for xbox, I am using UE5 built from source and FMOD 2.02.07 for unreal with gamecore GDK.
I’ve also searched files on devkit and I wasn’t able to find the fmodL.dll file. So there is probably some problem with packaging, but again, I get no erros when packaging.

Is there an additional step needed for the xbox?

I would be grateful for any help. Thanks

Have you completed the Platform Specific Setup for XSX? There are two additional files you need to add, one in the “Config\XSX” directory and the other in “Platforms\XSX\Config”.