"Loading DLL fmod.dll failed with status 0xc0000135" Xbox package

Using 4.26.2 and FMOD 2.01.08 i’m getting this on xbox one X. On any other console the game runs fine. I found some old threads with the same problem and in theory this was fixed around 2.01.05 or 2.01.06.
Any help would be fine. Thanks

Building with latest fmod gives the same error.

Just confirming, are you now trying with 2.01.12 or 2.02.03?
I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue with either version- can you please share your build log and your debug output so I can take a closer look at what’s going wrong here?
Can you also please check if any fmod dlls exist in the project’s directory on the console’s development drive?

Hi. I tried with 2.02.03 and still had the same error (my project uses 2.01.08).
Working with UDN i was able to make it run on VS attached, however whenever i try to install a package and launch it from the console i still get FMOD failed to load dll error.

Attaching the build logs (assets copy log was removed), there are some warnings of missing Elias asset that had to be force disabled because of lack of libraries (for now).

uatLog.txt (803.5 KB)

After using UE UAT to deploy on the console (and still failing to load because of FMOD) i tried to do a VS deploy which installs a VS version of the game. Its only after that that it actually works.

Can you confirm you have the downloaded the FMOD XboxOne zip and added that to the Windows integration?
Checking your FMOD account, you don’t appear to be verified for Xbox One access.

Hi mathew.
We found out that it’s a UE issue. Our project is in a folder that doesn’t have the project name, it’s in trunk (because we will have branches), so the project binaries are in “trunk” and fmod properly puts them in “projectname” folder. This has to be causing them to be on separated paths and that’s why it’s not finding the dll.
I received confirmation on UDN that the engine does not seem to support another folder name (even tho it’s not a problem when we build for switch or ps4)
Edit: i’m actually with my personal account, we are verified as company and i could privately send the email that we are registered with (this will be our 3rd game with fmod on consoles)

Thanks for the info, I’m sure that will be useful to others.
Could you share the link to UDN where the folder requirement was discussed? (assuming it’s public).

Hi mathew. I’m not really sure we can share UDN links here. But searching for ““Failed to open descriptor file” when runing from VS” will bring you to the created topic.

Thanks, I found the post, cheers.