Don't know how to stop an audio event!

Hi everyone!
I’m sorry to bother you with such a noob question but I’ve been working on this all day and I couldn’t find any clues…
So here is the situation : I’m working with FMOD 2 and Unreal 4. I’ve created a Scatterer instrument that triggers with a collision box. When the player goes out of the collision box, I’d like the Scatterer instrument to stop playing…
I’ve tried many things today but I couldn’t find any lead. My very simple blueprint looks like this :

I’ve tried with a boolean too…I’ve changed the Scatterer instrument to a multi-instrument but nothing worked so far!

That must be a really noob question but the truth is that I am a noob!
Could someone tell me what I don’t do right?

Thanks in advance!


You would want to call stop on the event instance returned by Play Event 2D in this situation, i.e

Hi Jeff!
Thank you very much for the reply! Indeed, I learn today that I really need to be careful about the “nature” of what is returned by the function…I’ll be more careful next time!
I learn as well that when an event is played, an “instance” of the event is created and if I want to act on it, I must call the “instances” functions…
So potentially, I could call, let’s say, 3 “Play event 2D function” in the same Blueprint and they would return different instances of the sound…Which I could then manipulate individually…Am I correct?!

One last question : I don’t really understand the Stop function then…When would that be used?

Many thanks again!!

That is correct.

An FMOD Audio Component is a separate, higher level entity to an Event Instance. When you drag in an FMOD Ambient Sound into your scene from the Content Browser for example, you can see in the Details pane that it has an FMOD Audio Component attached:

If you had a reference to that in your blueprint you would call Stop on that. Alternatively you can add an FMOD Audio Component using the Add Audio Component node and manipulate the returned FMOD Audio Component.