Event Instance Stop node in UE4 abruptly stops my sound even with AHDSR modulating the release

I created a blueprint with 2 trigger boxes - one for playing a 2D event when entering a tunnel, and another for stopping the instance of that 2D event upon exiting the tunnel. The trigger boxes play and stop my sound accordingly, but stopping the event is so abrupt. I tried adding an envelope on the master fader of my event to lengthen the release time, but my blueprint still causes it to end instantaneously. Am I using the wrong node?

The AHDSR envelope IS affecting the attack of my sound. I’ve also tried drastically increasing the release time, but this didn’t affect anything at all.

Found a workaround if anyone sees this and is curious! I added a transition timeline linked to a parameter that when set past a threshold (0.51 here), it causes the playhead to progress to an area of the audio where I applied a fade out. The new blueprint looks like this, with a boolean variable to activate and deactivate the entrance trigger box.

I think the Event Instance Stop node uses FMOD_STUDIO_STOP_ALLOWFADEOUT by default when stopping an instance (https://github.com/fmod/ue4integration/blob/master/FMODStudio/Source/FMODStudio/Private/FMODBlueprintStatics.cpp#L478) so theoretically it should work without the parameter workaround. Does the release behavior work if you stop the event in Studio? Or if you are connected via Live Update? You could also check what happens to the instance while recording a profiler session. Maybe there is something in Unreal preventing this to work correctly, never had this problem.