Event stops right after (re)start

Hey all, I have a “restart level” function that I am using in a Unity game. Code looks like this…
public void Restart()
FMOD.Studio.PLAYBACK_STATE playbackState;
Time.timeScale = 1;
SoundManager.songInstance = FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CreateInstance(“event:/Music/” + SoundManager.currentSongName + “bgm”);
SoundManager.songInstance.getPlaybackState(out playbackState);

The issue I am having is that the background music that I started at the beginning of the level does not restart when I use this function to reload the scene, even though I have stopped the previous instance, created a new one, and started it, as seen in my code. I have done some debugging so far and am finding that when I restart, the playback state of the background music event is “STARTING” but immediately moves to “STOPPED”. A query of the timeline position tells me that it doesn’t move from 0. I have been debugging this for a while with no luck. I am pretty new to FMOD and programming in general so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Have you already used FMOD Studio’s profiler to see what happens to your songInstance? Record a profiler session while you restart the scene and you should be able to see if the instance actually gets re-created after restarting and when it stops.