Event triggers partial song change then goes on own loop section. How?

So I have a song track and different sections of that song belongs in different events on gameplay.

I have the roaming event, which should play a calm section of my music on loop with random additional instrument tracks for variety.

I have the battle event, which should play a different section of my track, again with random variations.

I also have a section that bridges the calm event to the battle event.

My music is pretty generic, 4/4 electronic track. So I have various drums patterns set up, that will loop around as long as there is nothing major going on.

However, when battle starts, I want my music to keep playing it’s 16 bars like normal, BUT! instead of having “Drum pattern A” playing at the end, switch it for “Drum Pattern B” then go to Battle Section and loop that until the battle is over, then go back to Calm section.

Is such a thing even possible? If it is, I ask for your help in figuring it out.

The behavior you describe could definitely be achieved in an FMOD Studio event by using a combination of transition markers and multi instruments, but you haven’t provided enough details for us to be able to give you specific advice about how to implement it. Have you had a look at the music examples in the examples.fspro project included with FMOD Studio?