Examples or details of correct startup logo attribution

I’m researching whether to use FMOD in my indie game, and I’m unclear on what options are allowed for the startup logo display. The attribution page says “The FMOD logo is required to be displayed on-screen during application startup.” The PDF inside the zipped logo assets provides some restrictions around color, and prohibits distorting the logo.

That leaves me with lots of questions, and I was hoping to find some examples from the games page of other games that have done this well, but I haven’t actually found any that show the FMOD logo on startup. The ones I’ve checked (through youtube playthrough videos) are Celeste, Hades, Creaks, and Untitled Goose Game.

Could you point me to some examples of the startup screen logo shown correctly?

Perhaps the requirement is relatively new, or many games pay the fee to skip the logo? In any case, here are some of my specific questions:

  1. Are there any size expectations for the logo?
  2. Must the logo be isolated on its own startup screen, or could there be other logos, titles, or text sharing the space?
  3. Is there any expectation about the skippability of such a startup screen? E.g. many games will skip to the main menu if the player presses a button.
  4. If credits are accessible from the main menu, and the credits include the logo, does that constitute a startup screen? I presume not, but I only ask because I know that’s how Celeste does it.
  5. On a separate note, if requirements such as the logo are added or changed in the future, how does that affect in-progress or published titles? My best guess is that purchasing an FMOD license snapshots what EULA is agreed to. But the EULA links to the attribution page, which could change?

(Apologies for the nitpicking questions, I promise I’m not looking for loopholes, I just want to make sure I understand the details so I can implement it correctly, with style.)

Here’s my best guess rephrasing of the logo requirement, is it correct? Starting the application will, within a short period of no user interaction, display the required FMOD logo legibly to the user.


P.S. There’s a typo on the attribution page: “The credit line and must include the words…”

There is no size expectation except that it must be resonable/readable, and same with duration (resonable/readable), and it can coexist with other text and logos.

The logo cannot be via an optionally pressed menu item, it must be before any user interaction.

Future changes to attribution will not affect old titles.