Splash screen required for non-commercial use?


I have a question regarding the use of FMOD in a non-commercial open source game. The licensing FAQ page https://www.fmod.com/licensing says:

Q: When do I need a license?
A: A license gives permission to redistribute FMOD as part of a game for commercial purposes. […]

Q: Do I need to display an FMOD logo in my game?
A: All FMOD licenses require a logo be displayed on a splash screen, as outlined in the attribution guide. […]

Q: Do I need to include any other attribution?
A: All use of FMOD must include a credit line in the software available to users, as outlined in the attribution guide.

So you could come to the conclusion that it’s sufficient to add a credits line, since it looks like non-commercial games do not require an FMOD license and that only FMOD licenses require the game to show a splash screen. However, the attribution guide hxxps://www.fmod.com/attribution says:

Projects using FMOD Studio must include an in-app credit line and the FMOD logo.
The FMOD logo is required to be displayed on-screen during application startup.

And the EULA hxxps://www.fmod.com/resources/eula/ says:

All products also require a logo to be presented during start up of the application […]

Can someone please provide a definitive answer on whether non-commercial games are required to show a splash screen?

Hi ,
It says ‘All FMOD licenses require a logo’ … this is pretty clear. All types of license require a logo. Indie is one of the types of license.

Basic and premium have the option to pay to remove the logo requirement. Indie doesn’t.

Thank you. So you need an Indie license even for non-commercial use?

Indie license is a commercial release with $0 to $500k budget. If it is not a commercial release then it is not an indie/basic or premium license. This is what the eula is for as it describes what to do if you’re a non commercial user.
As the EULA says, it is for people who use fmod non commercially and it has an attribution clause, so the product requires a logo and attribution.

What is the latest version of FMOD Studio that comes without the splash screen requirement? I tried to find the version that introduced it to the EULA but it seems all downloads (even the latest) come with EULAs that do not even mention the splash screen.

Versions don’t really matter, it is a requirement now