Exception Accsess Violation Read on VCA SetVolume

Hi, our game keeps crashing with this Sentry call-stack pointing to FMOD_Studio_VCA_SetVolume. We’re running Unreal 5.03 with FMOD 2.02.07. Any feelers on what might be the cause of this kind of crash? We haven’t been able to track down exactly when this occurs yet.

We have seen similar call stacks to this, most of which were caused by prematurely releasing a sound used in a Programmer Sound. Are you using Programmer Sounds in this project? If so, are you releasing them during the FMOD_STUDIO_EVENT_CALLBACK_DESTROY_PROGRAMMER_SOUND callback or somewhere else?

Thank you for getting back to me.

We don’t actually use Programmer Sound. My suspicion has been that unrelated crashes to the audio system has caused some odd shutdown state that has somehow caused this error to occur. I will see whether this error keeps happening as our game stabilize and let you know.

Okay then, thanks for the additional info- please let us know if you get any other FMDO related crashes in the meantime.