RuntimeManager.GetVCA and setVolume mutes all audio


In Unity and FMOD I try to set the audio of the VCAs.
However when I do GetVCA and then a setVolume all the audio in the game goes silent.
What can cause this?

I am using Fmod 2.01.5, I dont know if an update might fix it.

After some testing I figured out this only happens in the unity callback OnEnable on a scriptable object.

If I try to access FMOD in an OnEnable callback on a scripatble object FMOD crashes, even if I check if FMOD is valid.

Is it allowed to call FMOD in this case? Or do I have to wait for something or some callback? Is there a way to force FMOD to start?

I have reproduced this behavior as you’ve described. That said, I do not see why you would need to call FMOD from a scriptable object; if you are trying to set the VCA value from data stored in a scriptable object then you ought to access that data from a MonoBehaviour class and call setVolume from there. Or is there something else you are trying to achieve?