Execute Javascript when an Event starts palying

I am trying to do calculations on a game parameter in Fmod Script, read parameter A to set cursor position on parameter B.
I managed ot modify the Engine Designer script to lookup the right parameter value and do the calculation but I cannot figure out how to exectue the function other than click it in the menu.

How can I exectue the script when the event starts to play?

Sorry if this is a stupid question… total JavaScript noob here and I can’t seem to find any examples except the ones that come with Studio.

What’s the trigger where the calculation and the set cursor position should be made?

The defaul Engine Designer script creates a Menue item and is triggered when the menue item is clicked.

It’s all the same code, I just change the calculations in the timer loop near the bottom.

Is there a way to start a timer without the menue so it just starts as soon as the script is loaded?
I can’t find a timer mentioned any other place in the API documentation.

It’s currently not possible to execute scripts other than by either calling it in the Script’s menu, or by callbacks (currently only on build started, build finished, and audio file imported).

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