Explanation on new multi instrument playlist behaviours

Hello, is there a written explanation somewhere about these new features? If so please point me to them.

Hi Koca,

We don’t have that documentation for the new playlist behaviours just yet but here’s what they do:

  • Random: “Random” selects which playlist entry to play purely at random. Each selection is totally independent of all previous selections, which means it is possible for a playlist entry to play repeatedly in succession, or for a playlist entry to play more or less often than its play percentage specifies.
  • Shuffle: “Shuffle” behaves differently depending on whether the playlist features play percentages. If none of the playlist entries have play percentages, it selects playlist entries at random while ensuring that all entries play with equal frequency and that no entry is ever selected twice in a row. If play percentages are present, it instead behaves similarly to Random.
  • Sequential - Local Scope: The playlist is played in sequence for the duration of the event instance. If a new event instance is created, the playlist will start from the beginning for that instance.
  • Sequential - Global Scope: The playlist is played in sequence regardless of which event instance is playing it.

Nice options, sure will come handy sometimes.

Thanks for the detailed answer.