Playlist: shuffle global?

In Fmod Designer I could select “shuffle global” for sounds, but I can’t see this option in Fmod Studio for multi instruments… am I missing it or it was removed? because it could really help limit repeating same sounds, for example monsters VO or barks

All playlist shuffle modes are global in FMOD Studio. The only playlist mode that is local is the sequential mode which is available in FMOD Studio 2.00 and later.

I have the same issue, the “shuffle” on multi instruments does not behave globally, I can clearly hear three characters using the same sound from the given random pool.

How many playlist entries are in the playlist, and how many instances of the event are playing?

Does the playlist have any set play percentages? I ask because set play percentages overrides the “no repeat” behavior of shuffle playlist selection mode.

Let’s say it’s just one event for one type of character that spawns in groups of 5+ instances and the event contains a default multi-instrument with est 5 iterations all distributed equally. This means I have not tampered with percentages or any other setting, it was pretty much a drag and drop of assets into a multi-instrument. In-game it very frequently happens that I hear the same iteration being triggered even 3 or 4 times in a row, completely ignoring the “no-repeat”. Of course, I have loads of such events, that are reused across the game all ignoring the “no-repeat” rule and with no random plat tinkering - settings are stock.

If there are more instances of the event than there are variations in the playlist, it is impossible for them all to select unique playlist entries. As such, it is expected that at least some of them select the same playlist entry.

I’m afraid I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior when I test here.

Exactly how many instances of the event are you spawning at the same time, compared to how many entries are in the multi instrument playlist?

Hi there, sorry, I was on holiday for the past week.

We are using let’s say cheer, death, laugh and such typical types of voice multi-instruments. Each such multi-instrument has 3-6 versions (wave files) in there and it often happens that 4-5 spawning all start with the first wave file in the playlist. Spawning is dense, practically one after the other, so the use of one single wave is very obvious. They are all set as one-shots and are triggered from a timeline in Unity.

We are noticing similar behaviour on the random start position of a loop… it just ignores it. So to me, it seems that sometimes the random function is not working at all. But I am not excluding that this could also be something on Unity’s side? :thinking:

Unfortunately, without any ability to reproduce this issue, there is no way for us to identify the cause of the behavior you describe.

Are you able to send us a copy of a project that exhibits the issue, so that we can observe the behavior for ourselves and attempt to identify the cause? Failing that, are you able to record and upload a video that exhibits the behavior? While not as effective as a functioning project, a video may allow us to better understand the issue and the circumstances in which it occurs.

I cannot share company material here in forum chat but we can contact you guys directly and have a look.

You can upload content to us in the uploads section of your profile on this site. This tab is only visible if you have registered a project with us, but registering a project is free - it’s just to give us a better idea of who is using FMOD and what sort of things they’re using it for.