Exporting for multiple speaker configurations

Hello there,
I want to build my banks for different speaker configurations (a la Headphones, Surround, TV). There’s a very informative part under “Advanced Topics” of documentation, which shows a folder structure that has separated Assets and Metadata files.

When I try to achieve that, I can’t see an option like “don’t build Asset files with this Platform setting” or “Only build metadata”-like option, and FMOD always builds/exports the Assets banks in every folder. So, should my workflow include manually deleting unnecessary files?

I have around 10 banks, spread at 3 different platforms and 3 configurations each. I’m doing quick changes and minor revisions all the time. Manually deleting those for every build seems like a chore - and also lengthens my build times as banks are generated from 0. Any tips I’m missing about this?

Edit: I’m on 1.10.16

At present, there is no option in FMOD Studio to avoid building asset banks on a per-platform basis.

That being said, I can see how the feature you suggest would be useful, so I’ll add it to our feature/improvement tracker.

If you’re looking to speed your workflow, you could potentially not delete the unnecessary files when performing only minor tweaks - provided that there is sufficient storage available for the extra files on your test machine, of course. The files can always be deleted later.

Thanks so much for clearing that up for me!
For now, I just went ahead and ignored unnecessary files on source control level, and going to write a small python code to automate the clean up. Thanks anyways :slight_smile: