Audio Output Configurations and platform exclusion

We are currently looking into using the Audio Output Configurations feature to have different mixes for headsets and speakers etc. However, I cannot find any examples of how to implement this in code, neither in general or Unity specifically. From the manual it seems that we have to stop all audio and unload all banks when doing this, but there is no indication if this is someting the runtime does, or I have to do etc. I would love som clarifications on the steps needed to set this up.

Also, we are using the Streaming Assets import type in Unity. From what I can see, there is no way to get FMOD to import all platform variations to the folder at the same time (Speakers, headsets etc). Since all these variations are needed at runtime and build time, will I need to write my own import code to get support for this?


Yes, you are correct that for this method you will need to unload all banks and load the banks for the new audio configuration. This would just be a case of unloading all banks with bank.unload() on all loaded banks (you can also utilize system.getBankList() to get an array of all loaded banks).

In Unity, you would need to set the import type to Asset Bundle in order to have multiple bank sets for the same platform. In this setting you need to load all banks manually.