How to play event with fade in

Hi all,

i just want to know how i can play a event with a fade in when event it’s starting and how i can play a fade out when event it’s stopped ?
I know in fmod designer but not in Fmod Studio.

Thank you

Oki, i think add a AHDSR on volume it’s solve my problem.

Yep, an AHDSR on the event’s master track volume is probably the way to go. Incidentally, you can audition an event’s stopping behaviour by clicking and holding the stop transport button until it begins to flash.

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Ty Joseph !

Nice tips for holding the stop transport button :wink:

have a nice day

This post made my day and solved, like, 23 of my current problems. Thanks! 8)


I’ve tried the AHDSR on the volume of a master track event, it didn’t work …

How do you make it work ? I try to smooth events with fade in and fade out … I don’t know what to do.