Failed to load banks ... File not found UE 4.20.3 with Fmod 1.10.08

Hi there, as the title suggests I’m having issues with banks being loaded into UE4.

I have renamed all of the banks (but not events) to BankName in order to avoid old issues of having spaces in the name that some users reported before. Upon building the banks in fmod I get an error message in UE4 saying that it had failed to load 1 bank, the thing is it seems to fail to load only one bank at a time and they seem to come up at random.

I am somewhat at a loss in what I can do to fix this. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you send the output logs to and I will look into this further for you.

Hello there, is there any solution for this issue. Im having the same problem here. It usually takes 5 or 7 build tries to reload banks correctly.

Thank you!

It would be best to start a new thread and link to this one.
Can you please provide:

  • FMOD version
  • UE4 version
  • Any errors or warnings from the logs