Failing to link wasm libs when shared memory flags are used

We’re attempting to evaluate FMOD for our game which is written in C++, but is compiled for the browser. Our game makes use of multi threading and shared memory in the browser, which requires us to enable certain flags. When I try and link fmod_wasm.a I get the following error:

wasm-ld: error: --shared-memory is disallowed by fmod_file.o because it was not compiled with ‘atomics’ or ‘bulk-memory’ features.

Is there any way to solve this problem? Are you able to provide an additional static library that enables shared memory? We understand that on the premium plan we can purchase source, which is something we would consider if our evaluation is successful, but we can’t justify the purchase if we don’t know if FMOD is the right solution for us.

As you’ve discovered, FMOD is built without the multithread flags, it’s something we investigated a while back, but browser support wasn’t great. Unfortunately, we do not have a build available that meets your requirements and while a source license would give you control to adjust that we cannot provide any guarantees about compatibility at this stage.