Feature Request: A/B toggle on an event to quickly compare changes

A lot of audio plug-ins have this feature so you can reference a different mix or starting point. Often I’m deep into an event and would like to reference what it sounded like before. There’s definitely longer and more complicated ways of doing this now (or getting a capture), but it would be great to have an A/B functionality at the event level so you could compare settings before you started working.

Just a thought! Thanks.

Could you describe in more detail how you imagine this feature working, and what kind of changes you see this feature being used to test? I assume it’s for changes too large and complex for the Undo/redo feature to handle. Do you want to be able to save two alternative versions of every event in your project, and have them persist between sessions, or should the alternative versions of an event be volatile and vanish the moment you start working on a different event?

Sorry for the delay Joseph. For some reason, I didn’t get the notification that there was a response here.

Going into design a bit here, but yes this would be for cases where Undo doesn’t quite cut it. It would be great if every aspect of the event(event/track/instrument properties, DSP settings, automation, etc.) could be “saved” to the “A” version of the event manually via a button press in the event somewhere, then while you work, the B version is being created. The “B” version is whatever changes you’ve made since saving the “A” version, so at any point you could swap back to the “A” version to view settings, copy things out to the B version, etc. For Event References/Nested Events, I wouldn’t expect the A/B settings of the parent event to save settings within the reference, as you could make separate A/B settings within those if needed. What I mean there is the A/B settings are ONLY for the even you are working in and not any child events (at least that’s what makes sense at the moment).

While I wouldn’t expect the A/B version to persist across closing and reopening (outside of a crash!)), I’d want them to stick around while working on other events, since often there are several events working in tandem and you might be trying A/B versions of several at once.

Thanks for the consideration!

Thanks for the clarification! I’ll add your suggestion to our feature/improvement tracker.

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In the meantime, duplicating the event to save a “snapshot” isn’t a bad idea.

Yup, and that’s normally what I would do. This would just take that step out of the equation and speed up workflow. All about those time savings :slight_smile:

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